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Inner Canvas Seminars are designed to deliver memorable educational experiences that marry creative expression with in-depth understanding.  Because they occur over several months, skills and techniques build as a result of the carefully planned and energetically facilitated sessions.  Each participant will delight in new discoveries personally and professionally.  Really, it feels like a big party.  Where we all discover new things and get to talk about our work in a whole different way.  CEU’s are just icing on the cake.  But if they are the excuse you need in order to sign up—they are there and available for MFT’s and LCSW’s in California (other licenses and states to come soon.)  No art experience necessary….really.

Using Art in Therapy Safely and Effectively:

Not scheduled at this time.


6 CEU’s for MFT’s and LCSW’s in California as required by the BBS, CAMFT-CE provider 038268.

A training group for therapists who want to experience the transformative quality of art-making and learn to use creative expression to enrich their work.

Many people think that art therapy is about interpreting or figuring out the meaning of client art.  They ask, “What does it mean if someone draws a house without windows?”  The answers to questions like these are, at most, diagnostic and do not facilitate life changing experiences. This seminar teaches therapists to GET PAST INTERPRETATION and inside the client’s art where clients can find their own solutions and initiate transformation.

This training group allows enough time for consultation about current client art; in-depth lectures on specific topics such as developmental stages of drawing and the neuroscience of art therapy; and a hands-on art making activity.

It will provide the opportunity for therapists to learn to:

  • use art to illuminate unconscious or non-verbal content.
  • invent meaningful art activities for clients.
  • bypass the cognitive mind.
  • engage clients in experiential dialogue with their art.
  • go beyond using art as something to make talk easier. 
  • see clients from an artistic perspective.

AND–of course, there are many, many experiential art activities where you can access your own creative expression and really understand the use of art in therapy–from the inside out.


  • TBA
  • 9am-4pm



  • $150



The Art Therapy Studio

7985 Park Drive

Fair Oaks, CA  95628

Register Here: Coming soon.



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