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Inner Canvas Retreats are designed to invite you into the creative process in a deeply immersed way.  When you carve out a week or weekend, and allow yourself to relax into your creative rhythm, magic can happen.  Yes, you will wrestle with some of those same old blocks or stuck places, but with the gift of time, you will see how to move through them.  Better yet, you will begin to see your creative process as one beautiful pattern that you can trust as a guide in any situation—not just art making.

As I guide you through these retreats, I will be sharing insights and inspiration gleaned from my many years of working with diverse groups.  You will feel that perfect blend of safety, excitement, risk-taking, and encouragement.  And, as the group works together, pooling our creative energy, you will feel swept along into lightness, and joy.  Many people call this experience healing.  I call it falling in love with your creative self.



Partner with Your Creative Process and Be an Even Better Therapist

Not currently scheduled. But, you can take it online in October!  Artfix.

6 CEU’s available for LCSW’s and MFT’s as required by the California BBS.


Do you want to make your CREATIVITY a SUPERPOWER in your work?


The Five Stages of Creativity will absolutely get you:

  • 6 continuing education credits
  •  New ways to interact with clients that will help them deal with uncomfortable feelings
  • Sure ways to get out of stuck places quickly and easily
  • A clear understanding of how the creative process helps therapists and clients solve problems.


But really, if you want to know the very best benefits—

You will leave knowing what it feels like to BE art and to live with creativity in your life!

6 hours of creative work and you will leave amazed at how creative you are!

It’s totally fun,

  • You will feel renewed, passionate, inspired
  • You will be moved by others’ creative expressions
  • And, of course, you will carry away and cherish the art that you have lovingly made with your very own hands.


We’ll start out the day looking at the creative process and how it applies to both the artist’s process as well as the therapist’s process.  Then we will engage your creative sprite in 3 interesting art invitations.  We’ll use drawing, mixed media, and collage with new eyes and view the therapeutic process as an exciting creative endeavor.

Don’t worry; knowing how to use these materials or feeling confident in your artist self is NOT a prerequisite.    All you need is the same willingness to engage and the curiosity to see that you use in your work as a therapist.   Your creativity will kick in and take care of the rest.

When you leave, you will see your work through an artist’s eyes.  Your creativity will be the superpower that will allow you to see your client’s struggles differently.  You will inspire your clients to think more creatively because an artist’s perspective is contagious.  With the new lenses, you can see anxiety differently, react to feelings of burnout differently, and see potential in so many new ways.

 Come play with us!!!

 When: Not currently scheduled.  Do you have a group that would like a private workshop?  Contact me!


Cost:  $150

Where:  The Art Therapy Studio
7985 Park Drive
Fair Oaks, CA  95628





10 CEU’s available for LCSW’s or MFT’s as required by the California BBS.  PCE3497

2 day weekend retreat …..

Discover the magic that happens when you dive into your creativity for a full weekend.  Talk about getting into the ZONE!

This seminar provides the opportunity for therapists and coaches to have a deeper, hands-on experience with their own creative processes.

It also offers participants the all too rare opportunity to use creative expression as a reflection of the experience of being a therapist or coach.

Altered book techniques will be the vehicle for this rich, reflective experience. Three different art invitations will emphasize a different altered book technique and an important journaling theme.

You will create a niche to honor a part of self, a pop-up to identify and celebrate hidden resources, and an encaustic (melted wax) collage that narrates your creative process. By the end of the seminar, you will be equipped (and irresistibly inspired) to continue altered book journaling on your and to utilize altered books with clients.

*Here’s what participants had to say about this workshop:* 

“Loved it. So creative outwardly, yet required internal reflection.”

“This was a wonderful experience–and a great journey into the interior. Thank you!”

When: Not currently scheduled.  Check back or schedule your private group of 6-8!

Cost: $297

Where The Art Therapy Studio
7985 Park Drive
Fair Oaks, CA  95628

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