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new-book-3d-no-shadowIn Creativity as Co-Therapist, Lisa Mitchell bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and therapeutic application by teaching psychotherapists of all backgrounds to see therapy as their art form. With warmth, gentleness, and enthusiasm, Lisa guides readers through the five stages of the creative process to help them understand the benefits of approaching their work creatively and the keys to overcoming their creative roadblocks.

Lisa Mitchell

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As a teacher + trainer for therapists, I’m here to show you how to approach your therapy practice like an artist — finding exceptionally creative solutions to age-old dilemmas, and treating every session as a chance to create + bear witness to beauty.

All of my workshops, seminars, retreats + classes count for Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) — but that’s just the icing on the (very delicious) cake.

Join me for a day, a weekend or a whole season of study — and together, we’ll discover your Inner Canvas: the source of your ability to heal + create.

What would you like to do?



I want to…dive deep into the whole notion of living, working + thinking like an artist, and learn how to bring the creative process into my practice–safely +effectively or add a few more techniques in my therapy toolkit–in one day or less.







I want to … learn how to apply the creative process to my practice, and become the very best therapist I can be–but study and play from home.





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