Lisa Mitchell

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I feel so enriched by this conversation and art and learning and honesty and vulnerability. Thank you one and all.


Sylma Fine


What a fabulous class this is!! Thank you so much Lisa. I am relating to how my little cards didn’t even touch the bigness of the “light bulb” moments I am having!!


Deb Briggs


The floodgates of understanding opened up on our call Thursday night! Thanks so much.


Dayna Guido


Today on this Valentine’s Day my cup is full from an unexpected source…from giving in my job. Thank you Lisa for giving me the insights and the veil through which to appreciate how I work. Much gratitude


Tanya Cole


Thank you for a wonderful class Lisa. Your gentle and kind spirit shines through and I felt encouraged to risk knowing myself more.


Trish Phillips


So these last few weeks have really helped me appreciate that a) I will have times when I feel stuck or blocked and that’s normal and OK, b) if I breathe and ground myself I can remember that I’ve been here before and that I have the skills and experience to unblock myself, and c) I’m fundamentally a creative therapist and have I bring this to my work with my clients. I am so grateful for this really valuable gift.

This was a really great exercise for me this week. It helped me realize that, even within the confines of a fairly rigid and manualized treatment program, I take creative risks that help me respond sensitively to the individual needs of my clients.


Keith Thurlow-Bishop


I really enjoy this process. What a freeing and heart-full creative journey! Feeling centred, grounded and nurture. Remind myself to let go and breath, to listen and trust my heArt. What a wonderful process! I find it very helpful to bring forth my inner resources and the awareness that “I know more than I think”.


Vanessa Evrard


Really enjoyed this last art activity… So glad I have those two mini reminders to carry around and make me feel more confident when doubts crawl in at work! Thanks Lisa for a wonderful and insightful online class!


Marise Lariviere


I can’t express how much I have enjoyed this journey! This last exercise has
been so liberating and the most fun for me to do. I felt I had permission to explore, to dive in, do anything. I have included my 2 mini masterpieces and now that I am on facebook I can’t wait to see all of yours.


Pati Bruce


I think I am going to make a mobile out of this project to hang in my office to remind me of this process and what to utilize when I feel blocked. This art project was empowering to me!


Natalie Armistead


I really appreciate the openness with which everyone is participating and feel as though I am learning a great deal from the collective wisdom and experience out there. I am most appreciative of the knowledge that my ‘blocks’ are both personal and universal which is acting as a huge catalyst for moving me past them.


Michelle Saleeba


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