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Art Therapy Links

For more information on art therapy, therapy, and creativity:

American Art Therapy Association (AATA)

Art Therapy Alliance

Art Therapy Alliance Blog Index

Northern California Art Therapy Association (NCATA)

Psychology Today:  The Healing Arts

Raw Art Works
A non-profit organization that provides art activities for youth.   They bring art to the community and give youth the opportunity to express ‘what’s really going on’ through their art.  

Dick Blick Art Materials
Good supplies, good prices.   Free shipping.

Art Therapy Books

Studio Art Therapy by Catherine Hyland Moon  
Moon’s style is personal and real.   She shows the reader what an art therapist does and how one thinks and she is refreshingly transparent about the challenges that she faces.   She validates the artist in every art therapist by likening the art therapy studio to an art installation.

Trust the Process by Shaun McNiff
He says, “Art making teaches us to use mistakes as new ideas.” ‘It is not lack of talent that keeps us from creative expression, but fear and avoidance of the uncertainty that comes with creating.’

Soul’s Palette by Cathy Malchiodi
Wonderful suggestions for therapeutic art activities like pocket shrines, specifics on choosing a medium, and how to tap into your emotional shorthand.

See What I’m Saying: What Children Tell Us Through Their Artby Myra Levick
A good start to understanding developmental stages in art, Levick provides the reader with examples of art from each developmental stage and a list of warning signs to watch out for.

Zen and the Art of Knitting   by Bernadette Murphy
She draws fabulous parallels between the process of knitting and the process of art.   Great for inspiration and for further glimpses into the power of the creative process.

I Wanna Take Me a Picture by Wendy Ewald
This is a remarkable book by a remarkable woman.   Wendy Ewald describes her artistic collaboration with youth to make pictures of their world.   She incorporates writing and photography in her work and tells inspiring stories.   She is not a therapist, but her work is very therapeutic.

Birthing From Within by Pam England
This book combines midwifery and art therapy.   Perfect for couples transitioning into parenthood.

Art Therapy for Groups   by Maria Leebman
This book is full of ideas and themes for group art therapy work.  

Phototherapy Techniques by Judy Weiser
Weiser describes her methods of photographic images in therapy.   She uses client’s childhood photographs, her own photographs, magazine images, even photos produced by the client.   Her work is very powerful and inspirational.   You can also visit her at her website, .

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