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A love letter to artful work…and you.

Lisa Mitchell | Feb 14, 2014 | 5 comments


heart 4 copyOn this 2014 Valentine’s Day, I am moved to declare my love for our profession and for each one of you who participates in this work with a whole heart. 

My friends say they like it when I get mushy–so here goes.



 I love you because:

You invite me to be the best human being possible.

You humble me.

You touch me–deeply–in endlessly surprising ways.

Your determination to make a difference is superhuman and seemingly fueled by an endless supply of compassion.

You help to create change and transformation that ripples through families in both subtle and monumental ways.

You inspire me to look for new ideas, in new layers, from new perspectives all day and all night. 

You continue to show me how resilient humans really are.

hearts heart2


You are a continually beautiful  reminder of the imperfection in our human condition. 

You work hard with your heart.

You ask me to keep my  heart open.

Every day you give me a reminder of what really matters.

This love thing is no joke…..this is a profession that requires us to have a huge capacity to love. 

Here’s to feeling the love, showing our love in many different ways, and to staying whole hearted in our love filled work.

heart3Happy Valentine’s Day!

Want to fall in love with your work even more?????  Check out this post about Therapeutic Use of Self.

5 responses to “A love letter to artful work…and you.”

  1. Hi, Lisa,
    Today is my birthday – Valentine’s Day, and yesterday I got notified that I’m now licensed as a LPC in Oregon! I took 10 years off from practicing after 26 years in California, and your work has re-inspired me to do what I always loved, but felt stuck in. Thank you for the loving words about our profession – a wonderful gift at this point in my process. I have always trusted the process.
    Happy Valentine’s Day to you.

  2. Patricia says:

    Happy Valentines Day, Lisa! Thank you for all of the encouragement you provide to us in the field. I look forward to hearing from you each time you post, and thank you for the gentle reminders of how important our work is.

    Best regards,


  3. Susan says:

    You are an earth angel❤️
    The longer I know you❤️
    The bigger your heart grows❤️
    Sooz xox

  4. tory booth says:

    I’d love to explore therapeutic use of self with your worksheet. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Are you familiar with Brene Brown’s work? I love reading your nuggets of wisdom and inspiration. Thank you So much!

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