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Do you need a new perspective on….

Your work?
Your client?
Your role as therapist?

lisa-eyeYou don’t have to feel bogged down, uninspired, or stuck. There are answers just waiting to be discovered.

I’ve helped novice and seasoned therapists get new ideas, find hidden solutions, and just plain feel better about their work.

Here’s How:

A consultation with me is not just a conversation where I use my expertise to tell you what to do.
In my consultations, we go beyond words.

We delve into those non-verbal, intuitive places and we use your art to lead us.

In our 60 minute Skype call,

  • We talk about your needs.
  • I use my creative expertise and craft an individualized art invitation for you.
  • You create your art response.
  • We talk about your art—I ask good questions, you discover how your art informs your work.
  • We answer the question, “What is your art inviting you to do in real life or in your wok with a specific client?”
  • You leave with action ideas and an additional art invitation designed to further your insights.

Want to figure out why your are stuck with a client and what to do about it?

Need to find a way to stop being triggered by a client?

Longing to feel fresh and passionate about your work again and need to know how?

Can’t access that creative flow that you crave all the time?

Want to figure out the next art invitation to ask your client to do in session?

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