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An online course that teaches therapists to:

Learn how to heal + create like an artist — and solve problems like a genius.


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Online, you can participate from anywhere in the world.


Video lessons and demos, special art invitations + worksheets delivered to your inbox every week. 3 hours a week is about what you need to complete all of this. More questions? How Artfix Works.


Therapists, interns, and anyone in the healing professions who wants to feel more creative in their work in their helping role.


You’ll learn how to apply the 5 steps of the creative process — incubation, generating an idea, diving in, flexible commitment, and flow — to your therapy practice, resulting in heightened problem-solving skills, and breakthrough-after-breakthrough-after-breakthrough.


$249 (Includes 14 CE’s)


Your Inner Canvas is the source of your ability to heal + create. You and your clients will thrive.

Artfix is a 4-week online class for therapists, counselors, social workers and other mental health professionals.  It is self paced and can be started at any time.  It is suitable for Beginning to Advanced Levels of experience.

Artfix is designed to put a powerful new tool in your toolkit — a 5-step creative process that you can use to find life-altering solutions to your clients’ problems.

It’s a process you can use again + again — and it’s completely addicting (like coffee, without the post-caffeine crash!)

I am amazed to find that the artist’s block is much the same as the therapist’s block; And that I can apply the creative process to just about anything in my life. As I apply the principles I learned with Artfix in my own life, I notice I am able to hear the fear, and go through it more quickly. I am not resistant to fear and therefore feel more open to go to another level.

Kathe Wilson, MFT


5 reasons to get your Artfix:

1. You get to be imperfectly perfect.

So many therapists (myself included!) doubt their abilities to help their clients and feel they lack skill in many areas.  This leads to fear of not being good enough and of making mistakes.

Artfix shows you how to turn ‘mistakes’ into opportunities for genuine growth — like transforming an accidental drip of paint into an unexpected masterpiece.

This simple reframe makes it (nearly) impossible to hurt or misguide people — even when you’re taking a big creative risk. (Insert: sigh of relief!)

2. You get to break the rules (the safe + smart way).

And … not get into trouble! Artfix invites you to challenge some of the commonly-accepted notions about what it means to be a ‘good therapist’ — like ‘leaving your work at work’ and ‘cleaning the slate’ at the end of the day.

You’ll discover a new way of managing your time, energy + creativity — coming up with better solutions for your clients in unexpected places. Like yoga class. Or the farmer’s market. Or that local art gallery you’ve been meaning to check out, for ages …

Artfix has invited me to learn about myself. It helped me to acknowledge my insecurities about the unknown and how this evokes feelings of insecurity and fear of incompetence. It also helped me to become open to the process of reinventing and rediscovering my experience of me as a therapist, a parent…a human. The possibilities are wide open right now. I feel like my creativity is an essential key.

Shelli Rose, MFT


3. You get to meet your peers.

Hooray! So many therapists (again, myself included!) struggle with feelings of isolation. It’s often so subtle, we don’t even recognize it — but the truth is, we’re all craving connection + affirmation.

Artfix gives you the opportunity to share with a community of therapists + healers, who get what you’re facing — because they’re facing it, too.

4. You get to be an artist. (Even if you don’t ‘make’ anything.)

Everyone on the planet is highly creative — including you. And your clients, too.
(Even if neither of you believe it, right now.)

Artfix gives you permission to live + work like an artist — with a spirit of curiosity, inventiveness, on-the-spot innovation, and play. Even if you don’t make a single ‘thing’ out of paper, glitter or clay. (Your therapy practice can be your art.)

5. You get to be a genius. (Yup. Seriously.)

Malcolm Gladwell defines genius as “an extraordinary love for a particular thing.”

As you move through Artfix, you’ll find yourself remembering why you fell in love with therapy, in the first place.

And as your capacity for creative expression + problem-solving grows, so will your (extraordinary) love. For your clients. For your work. And … for yourself.

I feel more assured about myself as a therapist and more confident to incorporate creativity in my work with clients.

Lani Lee Jones, MFT


Therapists will gain theoretical knowledge about the creative process and creative expression to bring greater understanding to teaching clients to utilize creativity as a problem solving skill.

Therapists will practice their own creative process and gain insight into the subtleties of creative expression to increase their ability to provide safe and effective opportunities for clients to utilize creative expression in therapy


Workshop attendees will be able to:

  1. Describe 5 stages of the creative process.
  2. List at least 2 similarities between the creative process and the therapeutic process.
  3. Identify one potential artist’s block that relates to your unique experience in your therapeutic practice.
  4. Apply at least one strategy that artist’s use to overcome stuck or blocked places in your therapeutic practice.
  5. Identify and overcome challenges that they face when inviting clients to engage with the creative process.


Course lasts for 4 weeks.  Each week consists of the following:

  • One .75 hour video lecture (self study)
  • One .5 hour art invitation with journaling prompts (self study)
  • One 1.25 hour art activity as home study (1.25 hours allotted)
  • One 1 hour recorded call
    Total for each week: 5 hours combined self study

Total for course:  15 hours.

A few final words …

… from one therapist’s heart, to another:

When you use the creative process in sessions with your clients, you won’t just unlock your own problem-solving abilities — you’ll also unlock your clients’ creative spirit, by modeling an inspired approach to health + happiness.

The result? Better collaboration. Stronger co-creation. True partnership. And: a more artful world.

Registration is now open and ongoing!!  You can start at any time. It is suggested that you do one lesson a week for four weeks–but that’s up to you. Do you want a weekend retreat that will renew you and your creativity?  Do it all in one weekend.  Want to spread it out and savor it for months?  That’s also up to you.  Register and the material is there for you until August 2018.

Out of the US?  You can still participate!!!  Click the link below to get more information.

Still have questions?  Here’s more information and answers to your important questions!


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