New class starts October 2015.

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Artfix is a 4-week class for therapists, counselors, coaches and other mental, emotional + spiritual healers.

Artfix is designed to put a powerful new tool in your toolkit — a 5-step creative process that you can use to find life-altering solutions to your clients’ problems.

It’s a process you can use again + again — and it’s completely addicting (like coffee, without the post-caffeine crash!)

5 reasons to get your Artfix:

1. You get to be imperfectly perfect.

So many therapists (myself included!) doubt their abilities to help their clients and feel they lack skill in many areas.  This leads to fear of not being good enough and of making mistakes.

Artfix shows you how to turn ‘mistakes’ into opportunities for genuine growth — like transforming an accidental drip of paint into an unexpected masterpiece.

This simple reframe makes it (nearly) impossible to hurt or misguide people — even when you’re taking a big creative risk. (Insert: sigh of relief!)

2. You get to break the rules (the safe + smart way).

And … not get into trouble! Artfix invites you to challenge some of the commonly-accepted notions about what it means to be a ‘good therapist’ — like ‘leaving your work at work’ and ‘cleaning the slate’ at the end of the day.

You’ll discover a new way of managing your time, energy + creativity — coming up with better solutions for your clients in unexpected places. Like yoga class. Or the farmer’s market. Or that local art gallery you’ve been meaning to check out, for ages …

3. You get to meet your peers.

Hooray! So many therapists (again, myself included!) struggle with feelings of isolation. It’s often so subtle, we don’t even recognize it — but the truth is, we’re all craving connection + affirmation.

Artfix brings you into a tight-knit community of therapists + healers, who get what you’re facing — because they’re facing it, too. (Hello, new-friends-for-life …)

4. You get to be an artist. (Even if you don’t ‘make’ anything.)

Everyone on the planet is highly creative — including you. And your clients, too.
(Even if neither of you believe it, right now.)

Artfix gives you permission to live + work like an artist — with a spirit of curiosity, inventiveness, on-the-spot innovation, and play. Even if you don’t make a single ‘thing’ out of paper, glitter or clay. (Your therapy practice can be your art.)

5. You get to be a genius. (Yup. Seriously.)

Malcolm Gladwell defines genius as “an extraordinary love for a particular thing.”

As you move through Artfix, you’ll find yourself remembering why you fell in love with therapy, in the first place.

And as your capacity for creative expression + problem-solving grows, so will your (extraordinary) love. For your clients. For your work. And … for yourself.

A few final words …

… from one therapist’s heart, to another:

When you use the creative process in sessions with your clients, you won’t just unlock your own problem-solving abilities — you’ll also unlock your clients’ creative spirit, by modeling an inspired approach to health + happiness.

The result? Better collaboration. Stronger co-creation. True partnership. And: a more artful world.

Registration for Arfix is now open!!  New class will start in May!  Course materials are sent out each week, you can study and create at your own pace.  Live calls are scheduled for the following dates: TBD. Time of calls will be 2-3 or 3:30-4:30 PT.  All calls are recorded so if you miss one, no worries.

Out of the US?  You can still participate!!!  Click the link below to get more information.

Still have questions?  Here’s more information and answers to your important questions!


Registration for Artfix October 2015 will open in September – sign up here to get notifications!

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